Painting & Decorating Services

First impressions do count, which is why it’s important that your painting and decoration are finished to a high standard. A bad paint job could give the wrong impression about your company or building, which is why 27BC provides exceptional painting and decorating services to a wide range of customers and industries to maintain and improve their property’s professional appearance.

Our team of fully qualified painters and decorators understands the importance of high-quality paintwork. We have contract managers to ensure all of our projects are completed on schedule and to the highest of standards. Managed by an experienced painter and decorator by trade, our team has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to offer and can advise on what type of paint to choose; what the latest products and techniques are, as well as recommend colors and finishes to suit your space.

We cover all kinds of paint:

  • Primer Paint
  • Oil-based and Water-based House Paint
  • Interior and Exterior House Paint
  • Enamel Paint
  • Latex Paint
  • Acrylic Paint.
Exterior Painting

It can be a challenge if you are thinking of exterior painting services, especially if you are looking for paint to endure all types of weather. 27BC facility services has the experience and the right equipment to complete exterior painting services.

Spray Painting

If you are looking for a quick change in the paint, then spray is the only quick option. 27BC facility services is known to make spray painting much quicker & efficient. Spray painting is also one of the easiest ways to change the decoration of your home.


Protecting and polishing the painted surface of any place is called varnishing. Varnishing needs precision, and 27BC facility services has the expertise. There are a variety of products available in the market, and we only use the best.

Interior Painting

The essence of interior painting lies in making it decorative and attractive. Our interior painting & decoration services are the best in Australia and have a unique style.

Quick Moving Out Painting Service

As we are aware, most of the tenants when moving out have to leave home painted and in a good condition. We are perfect for these types of jobs as our services are much more quick and effective than others. You can count on us for a quick painting job.

Areas we are experts in

Commercial & Domestic Painting

Our painting and decorating services cover commercial and domestic businesses. We have experience in providing professional and reliable painting and decorating services to a variety of large spaces, such as shops, offices, and schools, in education, retails, and leisure. At 27BC facility services, we understand how these sectors operate and the deadlines they are up against, which is why we always adhere to our strict timescales and deliver our work on time.

Residential Painting

We offer our painting and decorating services to residential properties too. Our team of painters and decorators can overhaul your property’s interior. We pay close attention to the features in your property, such as the paintwork around windows and frames, doors and staircases, etc. to ensure a high-spec finish.

External Decoration

At 27BC facility services, nothing phases us – no job is too big or too small for our team. Not only do we make sure that the inside of your property looks great, but we also extend our painting and decorating services to the exterior of your property. Our team covers most surface painting and decorating, including all types of masonry.

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